Look At Us

Look at us. 

Look at this world.

Is it normal that we can’t remember our last thought?

People are dying in selfish wars,

Animals are dying because how selfish people are.

We became so evil, it must be the Devil on our side,

Just look at us. 

We don’t care about our planet in flames,

We have our happy pictures in frames 

and we think it’s not our probem. 

But it is: look at it. 

Oceans are dead and will only come alive when we are isolated in our homes. 

Isn’t it sad?

There are people who collect animals from the street, give them names and home full of love,

and there are people who threw out those beautiful souls on the roadside,

Look how selfish we are. 

We waste so much food that we could feed all the hungry children in Africa if we wanted to. 

And I think, maybe it’s too late to save anything, but the voices in my head always said it’s never too late. 

Think about ourselves for a minute. 

We should start thinking about our actions. 

We should ask ourselves if our actions don’t hurt others. 

Don’t hurt our planet.

Don’t hurt our world.

Titulná fotografia: pixabay.com

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