Explaining Matriculation: No One Will Embarrass You at UKF

Originally published in Slovak language by Oliver Remiaš.
The matriculation ceremony returns to UKF after two years of anti-pandemic measures and distance learning.  We have prepared a short text about the planned events.  We will explain what happens and what the participants should wear at matriculation.

Matriculation at a university looks completely different than at a high school.  Most of us have experienced such an introduction to a new degree of study only there.  At some high schools, games that are supposed to bring upperclassmen closer to freshmen sometimes border on humiliation (hazing). Don’t expect anything like that from UKF.  Freshmen have nothing to fear.

In fact, it is a ceremonial act at universities. In this way, the heads of faculties and departments officially welcome freshmen and introduce them to life at the university. Participation is usually mandatory, and classes are cancelled for freshmen during the ceremony.

Photo: FB/Univerzita Konštantína Filozofa v Nitre.

What Happens?

As we have already mentioned, there will be important members of the academic community at the matriculation ceremony. The composition of the matriculation board may differ depending on which faculty you belong to. However, the essence remains the same for all of them. You will meet the leadership of your faculty. The senates will probably include representatives of departments and students in the Academic Senate.

 After the ceremonial introduction and speeches, it is the turn of the freshmen themselves. After reading the vow, one by one they place their hand on the scepter. As a rule, a student comes to the stage according to the department.

 Even these details may differ at each faculty.  At the Faculty of Arts, the leadership changed the process. “This year we wanted to make it a little more personal, so the matriculation certificate will be handed over to them personally either by the Dean or by me,” said Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Arts Patrik Petráš.

Older matriculation certificate of the Faculty of Arts.
Photo: ON/Matej Ondrišek

At the end of the entire process, each freshman will also receive a matriculation certificate.  Again, they will differ in details and in this case in design, but their purpose is the same: to remind freshmen about the beginning of their studies. “This year, students will also have a promise written on the other side of their matriculation certificate,” added Patrik Petráš.

What to wear?

Since matriculation is a celebration, you are expected to dress accordingly.  It is not appropriate for students to come to matriculation in a T-shirt.  Business casual clothing is recommended.  Pants, shirt and jacket should be the bare minimum.

Title photo: FB/Univerzita Konštantína Filozofa v Nitre.

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