Student lounges. New opening in UKF

Not so long ago, the Computer Science Department at UKF University opened a lounge where students and teachers can spend their free time between or after classes.

What is there? A Coffee machine, refrigerator, Xbox, projector, and tables with monitors to which you can connect your own laptop. You can find some soft and comfortable armchairs where you can relax. Access to this room is limited: only students of this department can enter there, starting with sophomores.


I asked some fellow students what they think about this.

Danil (second-year student in the Department of Informatics) told us that, “I love that this space exists in our institute. Although I’m not a frequent visitor to this room, I think it’s definitely cool.”

Photo: ON/Софья Воронцова

Maria (second-year student of the Department of English studies) said, “I think this idea is great, although I have not been in this room because I do not have access to it. I like that our institute provides such facilities for students. I would like to see similar things open in other departments.”

Why only for second-year students?

Why is this open only to the second-year student and above? Perhaps this is due to the trust of teachers and the university to new students. This has its contradictions. Only time will tell if it is the right decision.

There are possible changes that may come. The opening of such spaces by the university allows students to feel better within its walls. But there are pros and cons: unfortunately, these rooms require funding and space. In addition, these places must be supervised because expensive equipment could be damaged.

It would be beneficial to see the same type of rooms opened for some other faculties in the future. For example, a recording studio for musicians, an art studio for designers and artists, and places where everyone can drink coffee and relax on easy chairs.

Title photo: ON/Софья Воронцова

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